Carol Patten

About Carol

Carol was brought up in South Ockenden, Essex where she lived with her parents and five sisters, Carol`s father worked for Bertram Mills Circus and this was probably a contributory factor of where she first began her love of outdoor pursuits and animals.

Carol started out work as a Contract Tracer and ended up with qualifications as a Draughts Woman mainly using AutoCAD. 
Carol has always loved drawing and over the years has produced many family & animal portraits for family & friends.

When Andy Mitchell author of When The Birds Started an Orchestra approached her about doing the illustrations for his next books in a series about birds Carol jumped at the chance as she had just been made redundant from her job as Cad manager in Cambridge. It is something that she had thought of doing in the past but had never got round to doing anything about it due to having quite an active life with her horse riding, swimming & cycling. Now that Carol has time on her hands it has given her the chance to get back into something that she can put her mind to and hopes that this could be the start of a new career, and with Andy`s help and guidance this could make it all possible. Carol would like to publish her own book of illustrated poetry & possibly something to do with her own animals.

Carol is starting to do personalised cards for anyone that is interested, if you send a photograph she can draw the image  on to a card with words to match.

Carol now lives happily in a small village near Newmarket in Suffolk with her partner Ian, three terrier dogs, Molly, Smudge & Bramble her horse Ellie a Donkey called Ted.




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